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The Athens meeting: in response to the text of the EEK, the DIP and the MTL

Partido Obrero Executive Committee


Today, colleagues from the EEK (Greece), the DIP (Turkey) and the MTL (Finland) have sent out a statement in which they point out that the article written by the delegation of the CC of the PO on the meeting of the CRFI "is marred by a series of factual mistakes and, in our opinion, incorrect interpretation of certain other facts, thus distorting the overall picture to a considerable extent." We do not know what the factual mistakes alluded to might be since the comrades do not list them. Nor do they clarify, probably because they value them differently, what our "incorrect interpretations" might be. We will wait, in order to have a proper exchange, the comprehensive balances of each organization on the Athens meeting.

What is completely unappealable, from the factual point of view, is that the CC delegation has agreed to discuss a reunification of the PO based on the text "The Armistice of Athens" presented by the EEK, the DIP and the MTL, attaching our own amendments thereto. And that, at the same time, the delegation of the so-called minority refused to use the "Armistice of Athens" as the basis for achieving reunification. There can be no debate on this, as it has been ratified by the texts published by Ramal and Jacyn after the Athens meeting.

We will soon publish all the texts presented by the different organizations of the CRFI for the knowledge and debate of the militancy as a whole.

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