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Mobilization is needed so the workers do not foot the bill for the crisis

The run on the stock and financial markets is blackmail against the people.

The capitalists are moving the carry trade profits they have amassed out of the country.

The impact it has on workers is fatal: inflation, recession, layoffs and suspensions.

The nose-dive in wages and pensions is devastating.

These operations take place in the midst of a general bankruptcy that can lead to hyperinflation and the confiscation of bank deposits.

The government supports financial capital by threatening the electorate that the crisis will be worse if they do not vote for them in October.

Alberto Fernández proposes that "Macri should take responsibility and finish his term of office" and says not to mobilize.

He wants Macri to do the "dirty work", when he himself called for a devaluation during the campaign ("the dollar is low").

The union bureaucracy, which did nothing to oppose Macri’s austerity measures, signed up for this new manoeuvre with pleasure.

Big capital marks the political turf for the Fernández-Fernández formula. They have already committed to paying the IMF and to go ahead with labor reform by making collective bargaining agreements more flexible. The same thing will happen with the pension reform required by the Fund.

They want us to passively assist in the collapse of our living conditions. More than ever it is necessary to take to the streets so that the workers do not foot the bill for the crisis.

Which is why we will mobilize with the actions being organized by the Plenario Sindical Combativo (Combative Trade Union Plenary).

– Immediate increase in wages and pensions adjusted for inflation. Reopening of collective bargaining agreements. Abolition of the Wage Tax.

– Prohibition of lay-offs and suspensions. Distribution of working hours without affecting salary.

– No payment of the foreign debt. Nationalization of banking and foreign trade.

– 36-hour national active strike with mobilization and plan of struggle.

– Congress of delegates mandated by labor movement assemblies.

– Down with the regime of the IMF. Workers Government.

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