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March: 1.5 million visits to PrensaObrera.com

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The exact number of visits to Prensa Obrera (online) in March was 1,476,989 according to Google Analytics. We are in the face of a growth of 150% compared to February and 150% compared to January. This is an extraordinary leap which cements the breakthroughs which the webpage has been having. Even before the mandatory isolation was declared, we had already surpassed the number of visits in the whole of February. Thus, if we take the whole trimester into account, comparing it to the same ones in 2016, 2018 and 2019 (which were quite even), we had a growth of 120%, and of 55% in comparison to 2017.

Prensaobrera.com during the quarantine

Since the mandatory isolation was instated, the webpage's growth heightened, and this is not only due to the desire for information in the context of the coronavirus pandemic, but also as a site which became a fundamental tool for our militants which were forcibly confined. That is also the reason why the amount of articles written has increased enormously (more than twice as much in March as in February and two and a half times as much as in January). The whole party has dedicated its efforts to write, compile testimonies, and to establish a position regarding problems which were of a novel nature. This was the result of hundreds of meetings of party organisms which have been held through diverse online platforms, having discussed the problems and positions which our comrades later expanded upon in their articles. In the month of March, we had an increase of 150% of individual authors, most of them militants of our party and of groups and organisations which we spearhead. All of this was also accompanied by near daily editorial by members of the Party's leadership.

The website was also utilized as a means to channel conflicts, regrouping and debates. We did this for example to continue "marching" this past 24th of March [anniversary of the 1976 military coup d'état], with over 20 articles and a Facebook live which surpassed 1000 viewers on average. Since the isolation was decreed we have already held 9 Facebook lives (each one more crowded than the previous) on diverse topics which are relevant to face the workers' fight in the context of the pandemic.

In the meantime Prensa Obrera (in print) comes out every Thursday has continued to do so with its original design but distributed solely as a PDF.

The political conclusions the numbers give us

By considering this trimester we can politically assess the political value of these figures. To do this it is highly relevant to know which were the articles which attracted the visits, and our analysis allows us to see that those which have to do with the main campaigns which guide the party's initiatives are the frontrunners. For example, the most read article in the trimester with 220.872 visits, was Pablo Heller's reporting that the pensioners have been robbed of 2 billion dollars which was one of the first articles we published to propel our campaign against the attack on pensions. The dozens of articles on the topic (including those which reported on the struggles around the globe, for example in France about the attacks on social security) had huge numbers of visits. Something similar occurred with the struggle for wages and for raises. The articles referred especially to teachers amassed hundreds of thousands of visits due to the amount of pieces regarding the provinces and municipalities and the detailed reports on the salary discussions, which in turn propelled Tribuna Docente's [the Workers' Party's teacher organization] Congress in February.

The same went for the campaign surrounding the 8th of March, especially those articles which referred to women's struggle and demands. Those which also received a lot of attention were articles which contemplated the fight for abortion, sexual education and against the violent and labour exploitation of women, particularly the pieces denouncing the situation of tens of thousands of women who work as maids.

The piquetero [jobless] movement's struggle and the reports on unemployed people's situation, their initiatives and proposals are the theme of dozens of articles, which depict one of the most active sectors of the class struggle, and underscore Polo Obrero [the Workers' Party's jobless group] and its thousands of militants' activities across the country.

Other articles that were prominent and highly interacted with were those regarding the struggles of young people against precarious work, the initiatives of app workers, and the fight of autonomous workers, residents and unregistered employees. These pieces illustrated the demands and the diverse organization processes of these sectors. February and March saw the students' movement and the UJS's [the Workers' Party's youth organization] activities irrupt in the webpage.

The international situation was one of the other appeals, and it must be noted that not only the articles in which we have covered the class struggle around the world have raised attention, but also the interest that our campaign for a Latin American Conference of the Left (which we finally summoned) attracted. Another attraction was the birth of an organization in Chile (the 18th of October Force), which contributed thousands of readers from the country across the Andes.

Our editorials received a lot of attention, as well as the monitoring of the economic crisis, the rebuttal of the government and bourgeois parties' policies, our participation in Congress and the state legislatures, the specific situations in the provinces, the culture section (especially our reviews on the movies nominated at the Oscars), the reports on the violation of democratic freedoms and in particular the article with regards to the role of the armed forces in the pandemic was of great interest to our readers, etc.

An achievement of a combat Party. Support us by subscribing

Prensa Obrera is the periodical of a political organization (and as such the most read in the country). The Workers' Party's initiatives through the webpage are a show of vitality of socialist ideas in the context of a crisis which has deepened due to the pandemic. Prensaobrera.com contains a review of a very powerful political struggle and of the demands of workers, young people and women impacted by the crisis. We call on our readers to subscribe to our website so we may uphold this instrument essential to our fight.

This is a brief summary in which we have attempted to show the development of a webpage which is not strictly a news outlet but a tool in the struggle of a revolutionary combat party, which vies for the political independence of workers, for their organization in a party of their own and for the attainment of power so socialism can triumph over barbarism.


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