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Free Mumia Abu Jamal and all the political prisoners

Buenos Aires, Argentina

29th march 2021


District Attorney of Philadelphia, Larry Krasner
Governor of Pennsylvania, Tom Wolf
Pennsylvania Secretary of Corrections, John Wetzel
Mumia’s partners and workers of the USA


Free Mumia Abu Jamal and all the political prisoners

We write this letter in the name of the Workers Party of the Argentine Republic, demanding the acquittal and freedom for Mumia Abu Jamal.

His case and his fight are internationally known. In an unprecedented ituation, after 39 years – 28 of them in an unconstitutional isolation on “death row”-, Mumia’s still in prison.

At the beginning of this month, we received the news that Mumia got infected with the COVID – 19 virus. The subhuman conditions that prison present, make them a place of contagion par excellence. Mumia’s case got additional risks due the complications from her previous liver and heart diseases. This item can’t be disregarded and the numbers are clear: At least 100 incarcerated people have died of COVID in Pennsylvania jails. Added to this, 90% of the prisoners who died because of coronavirus in 2020 were over the age of 50, according to 32 PA lawmakers in a Feb. 8th letter to Pennsylvania Governor, Tom Wolf. By the way: ¿Can anyone think that the infirmary of a state prison can give a correct treatment to this disease?

Mumia’s in jail despite his innocence and health condition. He was sentenced to death for his involvement with the Black Panthers, for his work organizing the Philadelphia branch, and for having denounced, as a journalist, police harassment and brutalities. And he’s still in prison because the Capitalist State, the bourgeoisie’s parties and justice, are seeking to transmit a message in a United States in rebellion, which had thousands of workers in the streets with the Black Lives Matter movement, facing police violence against black and latin people. The whole legal process that Mumia faced was in violation of his guarantees; it was manipulated, with details, to obtain the sentence that was dictated. The insistence to avoid his release from prison is a message that seeks to educate those who rebel; those who face the imperialist state in the streets; those who organize for their demands.

Rather than intimidating us, these arbitrariness reinforce our struggle to free Mumia – and all political prisoners. We will redouble the actions of struggle throughout the world for his freedom.

As far as we are concerned, we’re spreading the cause for the liberation of Mumia through all our channels. Let’s repudiate more than ever his imprisonment and the US imperialist state that condemned him, as well as condemned thousands of workers every day. We demand their immediate release, the end of political prisoners and the repeal of the death penalty.

Néstor Pitrola, Romina del Plá, Gabriel Solano, on behalf of Partido Obrero (Argentina)

Versión en español.

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