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April 22, international riders strike

International rider's statement
Glovers Unidos (Arg.) Agrupación de Trabajadores de Reparto-ATR (Arg.) Glovers Unidos (Esp.) Glovers (Costa Rica) Glovers Elite (Guatemala) Repartidores de Perú - Glovers (Ecuador)

The ongoing pandemic has exposed and even deepened the conditions of super-exploitation and precariousness of labour for raiders and delivery workers worldwide.

It is well known that all governments, regardless of their political views, have declared the work of app delivery workers to be essential, along with compulsory quarantine decrees.

This resulted in the exploitation of profits by delivery companies (Rappi, Glovo, PedidosYa, UberEats, Deliveroo, etc) at the expense of the exposure of the raiders and delivery workers to the COVID-19 virus.

With the pandemic, the current conditions of precariousness were strengthened. Recently, in Argentina, Emma was run over while she was distributing for PedidosYa, and the Haitian community is collecting signatures in order to clarify the case. We call on all riders to support the call for justice.

The platform owners had the same methodology in all countries: leave all riders to their fate. They did not provide any health and safety elements, and if any of the corporations did, they were insufficient and precarious elements to face long working days lasting from 8 to 12 hours.

Higher payments per order are essential, and the companies, wich had denied them for months in every country, must been charged. Because of the abseance of proper laws, the companies are left with the good (or bad) will to do so.

With no answers from companies and with governments turning a blind eye, we, the raiders, have organized ourselves into an international united front to fight for our most urgent demands: higher payments for deliveries at the expense of the company in accordance with the global economic crisis, that is, 100% increase in payment per order and health and safety elements of quality and quantity in accordance with working hours and the current health crisis.

Following the important struggles in Mar del Plata, Rosario and Neuquén (Argentina), the Guatemalan workers organized a strike on April 5. The Riders in Spain went on strike and demonstrated against the 50% reduction in payment for orders imposed by Glovo. In Peru the delivery workers are facing the closure of delivery applications due to an arbitrary decision by the state, leaving hundreds of workers without income in the context of a world economic standstill. In Costa Rica companies removed multipliers, rain bonuses and applied double orders (they charge 2, we get paid for 1).

On April 22nd we go on international strike.

Riders from all over the world, regardless of nationality or the application we work in, must unite in a common struggle.

The only way to conquer our rights is through the unity and organization of the riders and delivery workers of apps in all countries.

#YoNoReparto #22AParoInternacionalDeRepartidores #22ANoReparto

Glovers Unidos – Argentina

Agrupación de Trabajadores de Reparto (ATR) – Argentina

Glovers Unidos – España

Glovers Costa Rica

Glovers Elite – Guatemala

Repartidores de Perú

Glovers Ecuador


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